• Promoting quality healthcare and education in The Gambia, West Africa through community engagement, project development, and sustainable solutions.

    Hand in Health
  • In partnership with Books for Africa, Hand in Health is sending 1 million books to The Gambia. This initiative will increase educational resources for children in schools and provide Gambians with an opportunity to realize their full potential though education.

    1 Million Books for Gambia
  • A walk across The Gambia to raise awareness about the book famine and distribute 22,000 books to universities, local schools, and co-ops.

    The African Book Walk
  • Hand in Health is partnering with Gambian schools to implement internet-enabled computer labs throughout The Gambia.

    Computer Literacy Centers

Minneapolis College of Art and Design Student Design Books to Address Health Literacy

By Skylar Storkamp Aesthetics of Sustainability is designed for students in all MCAD disciplines to use their skills on projects with global partners in specific sites around the world. Students learn basic concepts of environmental and human sustainability through their work with the
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A Million Books for Gambia

Gambia has 1.8 million citizens and is the smallest country in Africa. With 1 million books imagine how literacy rates could improve for women and children.

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There is only 1 book for every 1,000 Gambian citizens.

The literacy rate for women and children is 40%.
Through sustainable partnership, the 1 Million Books for Gambia Project will increase literacy, provide educational opportunities and end the book famine in The Gambia.